CGNJ Educational Programs

Composer Workshops

CGNJ offers a series of innovative composer workshops featuring education specialists from our roster of members. Workshops range from short hour-long presentations to more involved one to
three-week projects. This season we are presenting the following workshops.

1) Sing Me a Story unites words and music as children first create a text and then compose music to illustrate their story. The workshop culminates in a production to which parents and other children may be invited.

2) Rhythms of Africa explores African music and story-telling traditions featuring African musical instruments in an hour-long workshop.

3) Listen to the World around Me, children explore nature and echo their findings in their own musical compositions.

Composers in Concert

CGNJ concerts are an ideal opportunity for children to meet real, living composers who perhaps look like their family members or next-door neighbors. The Guild Chamber Players perform in various combinations, from one soloist to an ensemble of six musicians. Each concert features child-friendly works from a range of musical periods and styles, plus an encounter with a Guild composer and his or her music. Composers and performers interact with the audience to bring the music to life. Among our programs this season are:

1) Exploring Native American Music

2) Let’s Dance

3) A Musical Menagerie

Memory Project

CGNJ’ s Memory Project unites music, journalism, art and poetry in an intergenerational collaboration between students, seniors and professional artists and musicians.
The end result is a marvelous expression that reflects the new appreciation and understanding of other times gained by the participants.
How to reach us

The Educational Division of Composers Guild of New Jersey can be reached by calling
Shoko Suzuki (201) 251-8032 or Joan Forsyth (914)-665-2254
Workshops are partially funded by the New Jersey Council for the Arts and private foundations