About CGNJ

CGNJ is an organization of composers, primarily, but not exclusively NJ composers, as well as other individuals interested in contemporary music. CGNJ is devoted to composer advocacy, seeking to increase public awareness of the significance of New Jersey in the history of music in the 20th century through educational outreach, concerts, symposia, and through the production, promotion and distribution of recordings.

CGNJ in a nutshell:


CGNJ spearheaded events and festivals featuring George Antheil and Roger Sessions

established living composers

CGNJ has presented major retrospectives on Charles Wuorinen, Milton Babbitt,
George Walker.

CGNJ has sponsored or supported recordings on

CGNJ helps organize concerts of new music throughout New Jersey

CGNJ has launched tours of new music programs within the US and abroad, including tours to Japan, Russia, Holland, Denmark, Poland, Spain.